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PCT Products

 The PCT NMR analyzers are modern nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers that can conduct a wide variety of quantitative analytical determinations on either liquid or solid samples by using several time-domain NMR techniques.  These analyses are exceedingly useful in production-line process control, quality control and materials research applications.

Operation is easily controlled using software that provides a familiar user-friendly menu-driven window environment.  Routine analyses are easily done by unskilled technicians requiring minimal training.  For enhanced flexibility, the PCT analyzers are easily programmed using the built-in host computer to conduct a wide variety of experiments and determinations.

PCT Analyzer Models

Several analyzer models are offered to meet individual requirements for analysis type and sample size.  The sample probe and magnet configuration varies depending upon the intended analyzer use.  The probe is normally optimized for the specific determination(s) intended.  To get optimal performance for a series of different types of experiments, it may be necessary to have additional probes.  Probes are also designed for specific types of sample presentations.  If the sample is to be inserted in a normal glass or plastic test tube,  as in a bench-top lab environment,  a standard probe is warranted.  If the system is configured for a flow-through production setting or robotic sample insertion,  a different sample probe may be necessary.

The PCT analyzer control module electronics are housed in a standard-architecture industrial computer chassis.  This integration and standardization is advantageous for a number of reasons.  First,  several such enclosures are available to meet individual requirements, e.g. standard NEMA type enclosures are available for plant settings.  Secondly, since the analyzer hardware and software is fully integrated into the environment of the standard  computer,  hundreds of hardware and software products are available to meet individual needs including networking, special data manipulation and data archiving.  Thirdly, it is easy to upgrade as computer performance continues to improve.  Fourthly, standard spare parts are readily available.


A number of optional accessories are available that provide the user with additional capabilities.  A computer-controlled variable temperature unit controls the sample temperature.  A computer-controlled pulsed field gradient accessory allows the user to measure molecular diffusion rates and particle and pore size distributions.  The analyzer can be configured with a robotic sample changer to enhance sample throughput and/or to provide sample sorting based on analysis results.  The analyzer can also be equipped with specialized software modules to allow for specific capabilities such as sample weighing, temperature sensing, fault condition warnings, etc. 

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